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The cast will consist of:

Many roles can be filled by either gender and will be doubled.

(20-35+ actors) Actors will be asked to learn a British accent appropriate for their character.

 *  indicates children’s roles, age 6 to teen (12 possible) - Children under 10 should be accompanied by an adult or older sibling.

** Caroler Quartet appears in-between some scenes to cover changes and inside several scenes as well.

Please bring music that can be played on your device.  

A Christmas carol written prior to 1900 is preferred, but not mandatory

Frame story Narrator (Charles Dickins type OR grandfatherly/motherly type)

London street inhabitants:  

Ensemble: caroler quartet, shoppers, street urchins, chestnut vendor,

Toy Maker (plays Ghost of Present later) Father Christmas type, but can be female

two dancing dolls (ballerina and toy soldier),

Lady in White (plays Ghost of Past and weeping gravestone angel later),

Undertaker in black cape and tall top hat (Future)

Partygoers/ dancers at Fezziwig’s – same actors/singers as London street inhabitants

Ebenezer Scrooge – curmudgeonly sourpuss with a sharp tongue and a wicked sense of humor
Fred - Scrooge’s nephew - a pleasant, young, married man, nothing dampens his Christmas spirit

Charity Gentleman/woman #1 – can be doubled
Charity Gentleman/woman #2 - can be doubled

Bob Cratchit – Scrooge’s clerk, mild-mannered man who loves his family deeply
Mrs. Dilber, Scrooge’s charwoman (cleaning lady, Cockney accent
Jacob Marley, his late partner – a ghostly apparition full of regret for his previous actions

*Child Scrooge - lonely boy, no spoken lines
*Older child Scrooge - lonely boy, conversation w/sister
*Fran – Scrooge’s sister – kindly and excited to bring Scrooge home from boarding school
Scrooge as a young man – apprentice to Mr. Fezziwig, fiancée dumps him
Mr. Fezziwig – Scrooge’s former boss – larger than life, dances joyfully
Mrs. Fezziwig – a fitting partner to her husband
Dick – Scrooge’s fellow apprentice, the life of the party

Belle – Scrooge’s fiancée who releases Scrooge from their engagement

Mrs. Cratchit – a woman unafraid to speak her mind, loves Bob and children very much
Cratchit children: varying ages
     *Martha, works in a shop
     *Cratchit Boy 
     *Cratchit Girl 
     *Tiny Tim - sings solo, Coventry Carol (Lulay) (whole Crachit family will join him)

Fred's Wife – a lovely young woman
Topper & other Guests at Fred’s house – all play “20 Questions” with great enthusiasm

* Ignorance & Want - 2 small, ragged children who appear from under Present’s robe

Ghost of Christmas Future – silent, tall, hidden face, skeletal hand
Old Joe – a rag and bone man, shrewd bargainer
Laundress – steals Scrooge’s shirt off his dead back, bargains with Old Joe
Undertaker – also steals from dead Scrooge to bargain with Old Joe

Caroline, Poor Wife – happy that Scrooge is dead
Poor Husband – hopeful that he won’t be thrown in Debtor’s Prison now that Scrooge is dead

Gravestone carriers –ghosts in the graveyard *Turkey Boy - Intelligent, Fine Lad


October 9th and 10th, 2022

6:00 to 8:00 

Show dates:

December 2, 3, 4, and 9, 10 11​

The audition will consist of:

A cold read from the script that will be provided.

 La Porte Little Theatre
218"A" Street
La Porte In. 46350


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